Grime is young. At best, it’s a 16 year old teenager. And, there’s a lot of teenagers and upcoming grime rapers still honing their craft as the hip-hop sub-genre matures and gains traction. So, folks like JDZmedia are giving opportuities to the up-and-comings by giving them a platform in their Road Rage series, which let’s the artists do some freestyling on camera, with minimal production.

First up is the rapper Reepa from Wolverhampton, in the UK. Who went ham on the mic, in what looked like the driveway to his house.

You can check out Reepa on Twitter

Next Up is Big Zuu, who is most likely to be found supporting his main-man AJ Tracey .You can usually find Big Zuu less than 5 feet away from AJ Tracey, dutifully playing the loyal sidekick, and willingly riding short-gun to AJ’s blooming grime career.

But, looks like Big Zuu isn’t letting his talent go to waste, by simply being another body man to a hot rapper. He shows he’s also out to get his, in this passionate spit on the mic for his own Road Rage.

Check out Big Zuu on Twitter


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