It’s only been about a week since UK grime rappers Dave and AJ Tracey released the visuals to their popular track “Thiago Silva.” The video has since gained over 200,000 views on YouTube, and even Stormzy tweeted it out.

The video was released on Dave’s YouTube channel, which AJ Tracey referred to as fresh, because other established grime outlets were asking to be paid large sums of money to feature it on their channels.

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In the self-interview, in which AJ Tracey and Dave asked and answered each others questions, Dave spoke directly to aspiring musicians and stressed the importance of taking their careers and content into their own hands. He continued, and said that what was important was quality. That is, make good quality music, and “it’s time will come.”

Check out video, below:
Caution: AJ curse crudely at a rude subscriber at minute 6:05. Also, one or two f-words used.

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