Girl group Lovelyz’s member, Ryu Sujeong revealed a video featuring an acoustic cover version of Dean’s “D (half moon) on August 12.

On Lovelyz’s official SNS account, Ryu Sujeong made a post with hashtags #1cm_CAM and #짝뚜TV. “짝뚜” is a Korean nickname for Sujeong meaning little Sujeong.

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In the video, after a brief introduction and her current progress with learning how to compose music, Sujeong performed an acoustic version of Dean’s “D (half moon).” Her unique husky voice along with the soft acoustic guitar sound made an amazing cover of the song. The video shows Sujeong’s individual talent as a vocalist and a guitarist.

So far, the cover video accrued over 9 thousand views, and fans are leaving comments about wanting to hear a solo track by Sujeong in a future album!

Watch Ryu Sujeong’s lovely cover of “D (half moon)” and share with us what song you would like to see her cover next?

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