The ambassador of grime, Stormzy recently did a sit-down interview with soccer hero David Beckham on May 11, when both stars helped unveil Manchester United football club’s new away gear and kit. By all accounts it was the first time both met, and they shared their mutual admiration for one another. David Beckham used to play for ManUtd and did legendary things at that club.

Did you know that David Beckham wore a new pair of soccer cleats (boots) every time he played!?

According to the ManUtd’s teampage, the new Adidas gear is now available to be purchased via United Direct online store. The new kit will be donned for the first time during the Reds’ pre-season match against Borussia Dortmund on 22 July as part of Tour 2016, presented by Aon.

As the interview with Stormzy highlighted, David Beckham first signed with Manchester United as a trainee in 1991. Beckham then played for the ManUtd team, from 1995 to 2003. He later signed up with the Los Angeles Galaxy where he played out the rest of his days as a professional soccer player, from 2007 through 2012. He did return briefly out of retirement to play for a french team.

During the interview, Stormzy asked a question that he said was also important to him. Which basically is how do you make it in America. Watch the interview below, to listen to David Beckham’s response.

Check out Stormzy and David Beckham holding their own personal new Adidas ManUtd away kit, which is available via United Direct.

Stormzy David Beckham 1

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