BIGBANG is back! But, with their MADE series causing them to release new music every month, it’s safe to say they’ll be back for a while. This time around, it’s #MADESERIESA with their double title tracks “Bang Bang Bang” and “We Like 2 Party.”
Bang Bang Bang, written by BIGBANG’s leader and produced by YG staple Teddy, continues the trend of Southern-hip hop influence seen in other tracks recently put out by kpop artists. As a person whose first kpop group was BIGBANG, this track is a hard one to like. The way the song transitions makes it seem as though two different songs were put together. The chorus is repetitive in true kpop fashion, but leans more towards annoying than catchy.

Unlike the previous release, BAE BAE, this song isn’t capable of auditory Stockholm’s Syndrome. It’s either hit or miss, you like it or you don’t.

The video itself is a seizure-inducing light show. Daesung’s hair is a mess. One of these days YG is gonna let that boy see. Probably, around the time we get a Korean album from him…Anyways, TOP is rapping to an astronaut version of himself who falls to the ground at the end of his verse. It seems TOP isn’t even immune to his own charms. Taeyang, the shirtless wonder is…shirtless. Big surprise!

Seungri has on a football uniform inspired outfit. Considering EXO’s comeback teasers, I have to laugh at the coincidence. GD is all in his element. The set, the chaos–all of it screams GD. The visuals are something I could go on about for pages upon pages; from TOP’s secret desire to be one of the Queen’s guards, to GD’s BDSM inspired double leash with the choreographer, to Seungri’s controversial wearing of the headdress, and everything in between. In my opinion, the music video lacks compared to the controlled-chaos that was FANTASTIC BABY. This is simply just…chaos.
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WE LIKE 2 PARTY is a summer anthem, that immediately brings to mind taking a road trip, driving down the beach with the wind whipping through your hair. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit much, but the song is the exact opposite of its accompanying release. Where “Bang Bang Bang” screamed, “Let’s do something crazy!!!” WE LIKE 2 PARTY gave the same message with a more mellow tone.

Like the majority of the MADE releases, the song is structured with G-Dragon and Taeyang together, TOP and Daesung together, and Seungri pulling all the pieces into one picture. The vocals really shine in this release, much like the older songs by the group. Most notably, TOP’s tone is really soothing. At least for me, WE LIKE 2 PARTY is one of the better releases of the MADE series so far (my favorite being BAE BAE).

Honestly, BIGBANG could, in the words of Young Jeezy “make a milli saying nothing on the track.” That is simply the power of one of the strongest veteran groups of kpop. That being said, MADE A was a let down considering the fantastic-ness of MADE M. Here’s hoping that MADE D is more glory than guts.