In late September of 2016, Stormzy, the popular South London MC from Croydon, posted a cryptic message to social media saying he’d be postponing all live appearances until 2017.
Stormzy Cancels shows 3

We wrote about that initial announcement back in September. And, since then it’s been really quiet on all fronts from the social media maven. We decided to go and take a look at his social media activities since then. What we found was surprising and also worrisome.

Stormzy frequently posted on social media several times a day, commenting on everything from food to politics. So, what could be so serious as to warrant the following:

This is (or was) Stormzy’s Instagram account But now, all it says is

And, this is Stormzy’s Twitter account, Now, all it says:

His Facebook,, has not been updated since October 6, 2016, when he was on the cover of iD Mag.


Although Stormzy doesn’t have a record deal with a record label, it appears he is signed to the UK based Primary Talent International, who have his information up on their site, including bio, high res pictures, social media links, and recent videos.

His YouTube is still untouched with his last visuals for Scary pushing over 11 millions views.

So, what’s going on with Stormzy!? To get some clues we took a look at the last interview he did, with Esquire Magazine. The article was released on December 6th. So, obviously Stormzy took time away from whatever is keeping him away from the public eye to do the interview and extensive photoshoot.

The article titled Stormzy: From Tracksuits To Tuxedos, features him decked out looking like a dapper don… or rather a grime don, sharp as a skeng.

In the article, Stormzy explicitly says

That’s the beauty of my story: the fact that it’s backwards… I’m releasing my debut album after touring the world!

And, that’s what it is. Stormzy’s gotta be working on his debut album. He’s performed from Ibiza to America, dropping dope single after dope single, including the aforementioned Scary, the Wicked Skengman series 1 through 4, and the infamous Shut Up! All done without an album or record deal.

However, that’s some extreme measures to release an album. That is, cut yourself out from the world, from your fans to go live in the studio – we assume. The pressure must have been real.

Another clue is actually in Wicked Skengman 4, at the end Stormzy says “I do a fire in park, and it’s five millions views, now it’s album time, man I focus.” I guess that’s just how he rolls, with focus.

Finally, the last clue actually comes from the beginning lyrics of the first and second verses of “Scary:”

I’m going away for a bit, when I’m back
Nobody’s saying my name on a track
When I get nervous, man, I start merking…

I’m going away for a bit, when I’m back
Nobody’s saying my name in their raps…

As the article in Esquire says, Stormzy isn’t signed to a label, but he is facing pressure to do so. So, it’s a wonder where this pressure is coming from? Is there a contract waiting in the wings to be signed, pendent on the release of his debut album? Or, as he says above in Wicked Skengman 4, that is simply time to focus. Who knows, but all I can say is, the extreme to which Stormzy has gone to release this album is definitely, Scary! #Merky2017


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