Update: Park Bom is Back!!!

So, we know where CL is; she’s doing press and luxurious photo shoots for her upcoming U.S. debut, while her fans push for her to be on Time magazines 100 persons. We know where Minji is; she’s been spotted taking dance classes in Los Angeles and releasing self-composed songs on Instagram. We know where Dara is, as she prepares to make a comeback to acting, and a Kdrama debut, in the web-drama series Dr. Ian. But, where in the world is Park Bom?! It turns out… Japan! And, let me tell you why.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

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A little history first. Park Bom, who turned 31 on March 24, has all but vanished off the face of the earth, after drug smuggling allegations surfaced last summer. Since then, it has been reported she’s on a self-imposed exile. However, from all indications this exile idea, has to be Papa YG’s imposition and that of whatever prosecutor or powers-that-be’s palm had to be greased.

Whatever strings Papa YG had to pull to prevent Park Bom from being shipped off to Siberia and forgotten at the time of the drug discovery, must have been significant enough that even as Park Bom received birthday wishes from around the world, palpably silent was all of YG Entertainment. It’s as if, Papa YG has sworned to disown anyone who mentions the name “Park Bom.”

Okay, so I’m being a little sensational.

As the case may be, Park Bom’s social media accounts have remained dormant and unused. While those of her group members are as active as ever. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts were both last updated on June 22, 2014.

A photo posted by 박봄 (@haroobommi) on

Translation: My #Roommate’s three super pretties~~~/My Blackjack(2NE1’s fan club) sent this lunch box to us!!! We ate the delicious support~~. My fans are the best!!! Wait!! Soohyun unni says she loves you guys. I’m so touched by this support.

For all intents and purposes, Park Bom has either been locked out of her accounts, or Papa YG has sworn to disown her if she so much as purrs on it.

So then where could Park Bom be holed up in. Chances are Park Bom is not in Korea. If she is, she’s under house arrest. Because, that’s the only way she’d have stayed out of the spotlight. But then again, does the YG building have dungeons?! (We all know the old SM building did – and that’s why they refused to move out of that grungy old thing for the longest – too many secrets.)

Could she be in the United States. L.A. maybe? That’s possible. Bom went to school and lived in the United States for a sometime, so she probably still has some connections here. However, if she’s in the United States, we all know she’d be spotted shopping somewhere, especially in LA. She may be back in Boston, but it’s too driery up there. New York? Forgettaboutit! Also, the U.S. would be rather expensive for YG, for such a sustained “exile”.

So that leaves China or Japan. China makes sense, since she can practically disappear in one of their large cities. However, YG may not have enough extensive connections over there to monitor her.

So then Japan it is! And here’s why. All logic and evidence points that way. YG has extensive connections in Japan. Japan is away from home, but close enough that Papa YG can still keep tabs on Park Bom. And, the most damning evidence Park Bom is holed up in Japan, comes from the very last media coverage of Park Bom. On February 10, 2015 Sports Seoul reported that she’s staying in Japan, and has actually appeared on a music program over there. The picture below is the last public picture of Park Bom, taken at the show. This is a rough English translation of the Sport Seoul Article.

Park Bom is in Japan

So, maybe Papa YG is slowly testing the waters to see if it’s time to bring her back. Anyways, as the case may be, “come back home” Bommie, you’re missed.

Woo Young contributed to this article.

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  1. I have been following the entire group for a while now… not just Park Bom. You guys want to know something?…. there are many ways to handle depression. Probably not many of you out there have had to handle serious depression, I mean REALLY serious… I mean mind bending, I don’t want to live any more kind of serious. You can never tell what the person sitting next to you at this very moment has gone through in life. If a valid United States hospital and medical doctor gave her the prescription, why don’t you folks just leave the whole issue alone? There are many drugs offered in one country through prescription which are not available in another country. Do you actually believe that innocent Park Bom was in the position to understand the criminal law system and the legal complications of having her legally prescribed drug shipped into her own country? How many times have you all ordered prescription drugs over the internet?… hmmmm, how many times. Do you all know if the drugs you get are legal or illegal in other countries? I am sure the answer is NO. So of course all of the people on their high horse expect a KPOP singer to fully understand all of the drug statute laws of Korea. Look man, she’s a singer, an entertainer, not a lawyer. She was taking the medication in the United States without a problem, she needed it in Korea… its that simple. She sent it to her family home because she is so busy in Korea with her job that she is never home. Her own family confirmed this. Now all of you high horse people are being judges just because she needed the medication that she easily got in the US? For real??? Look, I’ve been through severe depression, and do you all want to know something?… everybody has a different way of taking care of it. Know what I have been doing for the past 2 years???… hmmmm, the only thing that works for me is listening to 2NE1’s music, and past episodes of 2NE1TV. No… no joke here. I watch the fantastic music that these ladies put out, and you all wanna know something? Listening to their music, and watching their shows an concerts on youtube makes me smile. They make me NOT want to kill myself. I watch how well they work together, and I mean ALL four of them as a group, and know what?… their fantastic music, and sense of humor actually saved me from many bouts of depression. They are beyond a singing group, all four of them are “FRIENDS” So why don’t all of you self proclaimed judges just lay off. I have only one thing to say to Park Bom, and the other 3 lovely ladies of 2NE!… “Thanks for saving my life more than a few times through your music”. You are all wonderful, and beautiful. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE MORE THAN ONCE. My home shall always be your home if you ever wish when visiting NYC. Oh, one last thing that has nothing to do with this post… if any of the 2NE1 members are reading this… tell CL to stop covering up her eyes in the videos and performances… she has very beautiful eyes, tell her to let her fans see them. The 4 of you are all beautiful!!! Oh, my pen name is on this post, just to show that I mean what I say, my real name is below…
    Panayiotis (Taki) Petrochilos… NYC

    • I’ve had to struggle with and through long periods of clinical depression my entire life. I do know what it is like and, yes, it can be absolute hell and you can be desperate for anything to make the pain stop or to just feel ANYTHING again. Many people don’t realize depression isn’t just a person being sad/crying all the time, but rather it can manifest in your life as if a grey fog has settled over everything, where you feel dead inside, where life suddenly seems to have no meaning, where you just sort of float through your days like some kind of automaton, where you stop living and just start existing instead, where you WISH you could feel sad and cry because at least it would be feeling SOMETHING… it’s not just a case of somebody curled up in bed, sobbing. I’ve also experienced trauma that resulted in myself being diagnosed with chronic anxiety and possibly PTSD.

      The thing is, neither depression, anxiety or trauma related issues are treated by medical professionals with prescribed amphetamines.
      That’s just not how it works.
      Different versions of amphetamines are prescribed by doctors in the U.S. as a treatment for ADHD (*sigh* yup, I’ve got that one, too…my brain is on the fritz…) and comes in the form of Adderall, Ritalin or Concerta. Individuals with ADHD respond to amphetamines (stimulants) differently than those without ADHD; if you don’t have ADHD and took Adderall, you would basically experience the same high that cocaine produces (both cocaine and Adderall are forms of amphetamines, there’s only a few molecules that differentiate the two) but if you do suffer from ADHD, it will actually do the opposite and slow you down, focus, let you be able to form coherent, linear thoughts instead of rambling, let you be able to become more organized and so on. There are some doctors out there who DO prescribe amphetamines as a weight loss method, but that’s…suuuuper frowned upon. It used to be very common for Hollywood studios and modeling agencies to hand feed their actresses/actors/models prescribed stimulants so they would be able to make it through long, grueling work days and maintain a low weight by killing their appetites (remind you of anything? Perhaps Idols with their demanding schedules and the pressure to remain fit and skinny?), but it stopped being so openly practiced after so many celebrities developed pill addictions and/or overdosed due to this.

      Park Bom’s explanation as to why she was having large amounts of U.S. prescribed amphetamines secretly shipped to her in Korea doesn’t add up. If she’d said she was suffering from ADHD and couldn’t find medication that worked as well in South Korea and was resorting to using medicine prescribed by U.S. doctors, THAT would make sense and be reasonable. However, no, nobody treats depression and trauma with amphetamines except for patients who are lying to their doctors to obtain a prescription so they then can ABUSE that prescription by self medicating…she could have been using the ‘stimulating, up-up-go-go-happy’ effect of the pills to fend off darker emotions as an unhealthy coping mechanism.

      OR…the entire ‘depression, trauma from her soccer days’ excuse is complete bullsh*t and she was obtaining legal, prescribed amphetamines as a means to give her the energy to keep up with her highly demanding, grueling work schedules, to help elevate her mood so she could maintain a happy, positive persona when appearing in public (as is expected of her…) even if she would otherwise be exhausted and grouchy after being shuttled from interviews, concerts, variety shows, etc. while running on very little sleep and, also, I’ve seen her quoted quite a bit about how concerned she is by the fact she gains weight very easily, that she gains it the easiest out of all the group’s members. Perhaps Papa YG/other industry people were encouraging her to take certain measures (abusing this prescribed amphetamine for the appetite controlling/weight loss benefit) so she could keep up with K-Pop’s high standards and pressure regarding what is expected of female Idol’s looks.

      I think this last theory is probably the most likely, it’s just such a typical thing to occur within the entertainment industry, she just happened to be the unlucky one caught red handed. The released-sob-story-explanation was just an attempt to garner sympathy from the public and help defend her reputation in an attempt to save her career.

      However, I’m STILL not judging her or hating on her if my theory is what really went down. She’s under such unbelievable pressure in so many ways that the vast majority of us can’t even begin to comprehend. She probably saw the prescription amphetamines as an easy solution, she probably was encouraged to do so by those around her and I’m certain many other Idols, likely both male and female, utilize this method to keep on top of their careers and it’s just seen as a norm within the industry. Actually, it sounds JUST like American students commonly using Adderall to help stay awake, energized and focused as they forgo sleep in order to pull hardcore-studying-all-night-cram-sessions in the weeks before midterms and finals at University despite not having an actual ADHD diagnosis…everybody around them is doing it, thus, it’s deemed normal and it does yield the results they want. My best friend at an Ivy League Law School does this and as does every single one of his peers.

      ANYWAY…I just want to say I sympathize with her; her job is so unbelievably demanding, she’s probably not the only one who does this and this whole ‘scandal’ does NOT make her a bad person. I support her! Come back! You made a mistake…despite what everyone thinks, K-Pop Idols are human, humans make mistakes. No need for self-imposed/YG exile! Your fans miss you <3

  2. I miss park bom but why she is in japan???those who not understand her is making her more depress but whatever happen in the group 2ne1 I still love you and support you 2ne1 any where you are bomtokkie I will support you and you god bless stay pretty and healthy!!!!!^-^😄😘🙌💜💜💜💜👍

  3. Where is Park Bom I miss her
    Hopefully she’s coming
    Back I always searching her but
    Nothings new I don’t care what
    The the people say about her
    I understand her bad people
    Don’t know about depress I have
    That that’s why I understand her
    I pray for u park Bom
    God bless u

  4. “where unnie park bom now? I want to 2ne1 come back. and have member dara bom cl minzy not us.”

  5. This is so crazy……
    Just 2 days ago, when i was in soho, i thought i saw park bom ….
    I am not even lying, i was tryna do a double look, she was already down the block :/

  6. fail. contributor woo young fail. this was reported back in february in korea– by similar shit bait source like you guys that park bom was not reflecting and actively variety on japan, turns out that the japanese show used old footage of bom original shot in early june 2014 because the like and miss the girl