Indie-pop artist The Wild Wild just dropped his brand new single, “Alright”!


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The Wild Wild, aka Benjamin Dunn, initially wrote “Alright” as a personal mantra:

“I just started singing, ‘Everything’s going to be alright’ and it felt really good.”

Listen to The Wild Wild’s new single “Alright” now:



He also shared this:

“The song screams about rebelliously remaining happy even in the midst of the craziness out there.

Benjamin’s “Alright” is an exemplary indie pop song that goes to the edge of both indie and pop, while still remaining true to each genre. “Alright” is perfect for the upcoming spring break and summer. The roots of the Santa Cruz, California native – hailing from a place midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles – really shine in his vocals, as well as in the warm and poppy vibe that is sure to make listeners and the audience feel good and start waving their hands in the air as the reassuring sound reaches their ears.

Written and recorded in Los Angeles, “Alright” boasts production credits from Grammy-award winner Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rolling Stones, fun.) and encapsulates the carefree energy of the LA sun.

“Alright” follows Dunn’s 2016 “Kids” EP released through Descendant Records. The project featured standout single “When We Were Young,” showcased in the hit film “Middle School.” The track garnered over 4 million plays on Spotify in less than six months, with the accompanying visuals reaching more than 40k views on YouTube.


Also, Vevo shared The Wild Wild’s exclusive performance of “When We Were Young” via their popular DSCVR Program. Check it out here.

In the years since his 2013 independent debut, The Wild Wild has received praise from Sunset In The Rearview, Indie Obsessive, Baeble Music, and The Music Ninja for his genuine and creative take on pop music.

Benjamin shared:

“I want to give something a little familiar…Showing that the familiar has always been magical, it’s just that we stop looking for the sparkle in them.”

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