Not 1! Not 2!! But 3!!! In less than 24 hours the boy group Winner of YG Entertainment released 3 teasers for their upcoming comeback album called “Exit”. The teasers featered Jinwoo, Seunghoon, and Seungwoon.

winner baby baby 4

Seunghoon’s teaser showed him as the lead of a rock band, just going about his business, unhurried. Seungyoon’s shows him a troubled youth in conflict with the law. Jinwoo’s teaser was almost a little out of place, from the other two. Because it shows him living a quiet exitence while a choir sings in the background, but something is celarly botherim rough

winner baby baby 3

Also, each teaser had a theme sentence that appeared briefly and hardly legible at the beginning. Seunghoon’s was “And I would go far, pretty far, like a Bohemian.” Jinwoo’s was “thousand dreams inside me are sweet burns”!?!? And, Seungyoon was “I’m devoted to a new disorder, I’m waiting to become a bad crazy man.”

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