Winner member Mino has finally made his solo debut. This week on September 8, Mino released the music video for his debut track “Body”. The solo debuts of the two YG stars, Mino and iKON’s Bobby, was announced last week.




Mino’s debut music video for “Body” follows in the wake of YG labelmate Bobby from iKON, who also made his own solo debut this week. Mino and Bobby also formed the special unit MOBB, and together released two music videos as a duo: “Full House” and “Hit Me”.

The video for “Body” stars Mino and a girl going around a city that looks like Los Angeles and hanging out in several interesting, but dimly lit spots. Mino composed his debut track with producer team Future Bounce.




Winner, Mino’s group, made their latest comeback last February, with the release of their first ever EP titled “EXIT : E”. The record featured double title tracks “Baby Baby” and “Sentimental”, and also included a duet by Mino and Taehyun titled “Pricked”, and Taehyun’s solo song “I’m Young”.


Watch Mino’s solo video for “Body” here:


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