‘WINNER’ Releases Final Countdown Teasers For Upcoming Release


WINNER finishes their comeback countdown with final teasers. The teasers come after their D-2 photo and MV teasers.

“Island” MV Teaser

Late last night, the group released their teaser for their second track “Island”. This teaser features a sample of the song with an island sound. The members are seen literally running around, what looks like, an island. The group wants to make sure fans are having fun in this hot summer. Check it out below.

D-1 Teasers

In the final photos for the group’s comeback, we see even more hints of their summer concept. The group photo shows all members sitting by a pool while the individual photos show the members giving more about their summer-y concept. See them below.

Motion Teasers

Along with all this, the group released moving teasers for both songs. The teasers feature the names of the songs and information on the composition. Mino, Yoony and Hoony are looking to be quite the team. Check them out below.

The full release is coming tomorrow! Stay tuned.


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