‘WINNER’ Says “Love Me Love Me” On An “Island” In New MVs


After countless image and motion teasers, as well as the group’s D-DAY teasers (seen below), WINNER Has finally released their comeback MVs. “Love Me Love Me” and “Island” are two songs reflecting summer fun in your 20s.

“Love Me Love Me” MV

The first song released was “Love Me Love Me”. The video takes place in various locations that reflect the summer theme. We see the group enjoying their time asking for someone to love them. As the boys enjoy themselves, it’s hard not to join them in your own way.

“I wanna be with you/I wanna be with you/Zone for you and me/Others can’t touch this/I wanna be with you/I wanna be with you/You’re the only one/Love me, love me more…”

The lyrics express the beauty of summer love. It represents love as a young adult and how any little action is lovely. The lyrics are also a plea to be loved by the person as much as you love them. With the phunky beat behind these lyrics, it’s hard not to feel the same. Check out the video below.

“Island” MV

Their second released track is “Island”. This song, like its name, has more of that island feel than its counterpart and really makes you wanna dance even more. The video takes place on a small island and on a beach. Once again, we see the boys enjoying themselves as they sing about being your island.

“Let’s go to an Island/Let’s go, go, go to an Island/With that wave right there/Come to me/Bet all-in into my embrace/More, more, more, come to me/A bit, bit, bit closer to me/With that sun right there/Come to me/Like a heated goal into me…”

This song takes their love request further by the boys promising to be a tropical getaway for their lover. The comparison really shows how much they are willing to do for their lover to make sure their comfortable. Check out the video below.


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