The Wonder Girls have done it again. A few days after its release, the music video for Wonder Girls’ new single “Why So Lonely” hit more than 1 million views this week on July 6. Despite many girl groups also making their comebacks this summer, the most anticipated comeback was that of the Wonder Girls’.

It was also revealed that J.Y Park worked his producing skills into the Wonder Girls’ new single.

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“Why So Lonely” is one of the Wonder Girls’ self-composed songs. Last July 6, the group made special appearances on the show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”, and the members were asked about their personal opinions regarding their title song “Why So Lonely”.

Member Sunmi shared, “We were unsure of it too since it is a self-composed song, but J.Y. Park was actually very supportive.” As for J.Y Park’s reaction on their song, member Lim responded: “He listened to the first verse, and laughed. It was a proud and happy laughter.”




Sunmi also confirmed her strong attachment to her group, in response to the one of the cast member’s comments: “When you returned to the Wonder Girls, you must have felt a strong sense of attachment.”

In a recent interview, Sunmi also explained her true feelings about rejoining the Wonder Girls, saying: “Should I explain it as a sense of responsibility? When I rejoined, I felt responsible and fully dedicated myself. I wanted to stand next to the members and support them. That kind of responsibility formed.”

This year, it’s the Wonder Girls’ time to shine!



Rewatch the Wonder Girls’ record-breaking video for “Why So Lonely” here:


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