The Wonder Girls just released the track list for their upcoming “Why So Lonely” comeback, following the pre-comeback schedule posted last month. Media outlets previously reported that the Wonder Girls would be releasing their fourth full-length album this year, but JYP Entertainment later clarified that “Why So Lonely” would be a single.




Wonder Girl’s next single “Why So Lonely” contains the A-side of the same name, together with two B-side tracks “To the Beautiful You”, which was released in vinyl last month on June 18 and 19, the Wonder Girls’ very first record to go on vinyl; and the song “Sweet & Easy”.

In addition to the track list, the Wonder Girls also released preview images of their physical album, the CD box, the cover art for each individual member edition, and the contents inside the package.




The Wonder Girls released the music video teaser for the video for “Why So Lonely” earlier last week, together with three rounds of image teasers showing the Wonder Girls’ next retro concept.

Both the full music video for “Why So Lonely” and the three-track single will be released this week, on Tuesday July 5.


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