The 1st Teaser and cast of of”Unpretty Rapstar” was released over the weekend, on August 16, and one thing is clear… well two things. The first is that Yubin Kim of Wonder Girls is a confirmed contestant. The other thing that’s clear is that Jessi‘s now famous “We’re not a team!” is the new mantra for season 2.

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11 female rapstars will be competing for the best female rapper crown. The first episode of the new season will broadcast on September 11th.

Unpretty Rapster Teaser

Some savvy fans on YouTube recognized some of the luscious lips

“Choa Yo”, said:

( 0:20 ) is obvious yubin ( 0:04 ) is obvious hyorin ( 0:11)( black lips ) she is kitti b ( underground rapper ) ( 0:13 )( green lips ) kasper?? i think she is

And, “Melvin Constant” added:

Choa Yo I agree, it’s indeed that and same for Sassy June it’s definitely Jennie Kim and Nada, I also see Gilme around 0:05 – 0:06 and I’m not sure but the girl with the youngish voice at 0:04 REALLY Sounds like Janey of GP Basic like the exact same even the face is similar, after also for this one I think it would be weird that both Yubin and Lim join but it does sounds like her at 0:16 or maybe it’s Ahn Soo Min from SMTM4…? I’m sure there’s Yezi of Fiestar but I don’t see her ‘-‘

Other than the yet-to-be-identified lovely-lips in the teaser, the next question is who will be the judge this year? San E, probably needs a break.

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