Since the long awaited comeback of the Wonder Girls in August of 2015 with the release of their third studio album “Reboot,” as well as the conclusion of Unpretty Rapstar 2, the phone hasn’t stop ringing at JYP offices for Yubin to do yet another photoshoot. With her piercing eyes, flowing extensions and her bad-girl personae, creative directors and photo editors can’t get enough of the female rapper.

yubin bling december 15 - with heize- 2

Let’s look back at some of those shoots, which all probably started with the Ceci shoot:

yubin style

Yubin Dipatch December 15 - 2

Yubin Dazed January 16 - 2

Then she did a bunch of pairings with fellow unpretty rapster, Heizi and SMTM4 winner Basick.

yubin bling december 15 - with heize- 3

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