‘Yang Da Il’ And ‘DK’ Release Live Performance Clip For “A Chapter Of You” Collab


You know a song is good when it gives you goosebumps and that’s exactly what happened while listening to “A Chapter of You” by Yang Da Il and Seventeen‘s DK. The video was done for Interior Brothers TV and features the two in a simple setting.

“A Chapter of You” Live Clip

The video shows the two entering a room and preparing for their shoot. The singers can be seen wearing the same outfits as the ones in their photo shoot for the song. After taking a seat, the two begin the song. It’s a simple video with the two sitting thoughtfully while their voices beautifully carry the song. As the song progresses you realize more and more that the two compliment each other well.

“One episode of you/One still shot of you/I guess I’m not sick of it yet/Even today I come home and turn it on/I memorize your lines/Reading your lips/A well-taken clip of you/A scene of you…”

The lyrics compare a short relationship to a chapter in a book and a short scene in a movie or drama. It expresses the relationship as a short but special one. One which ended too soon. Both singer’s voices can depict the sorrow and hurt in the song and having them simply sing was a great choice for the video. Check out the video below.


Yang Da Il is an artist under Brand New Music. Brand New Music is a South Korean hip hop company founded in 2011 by rapper Rhymer.

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