Today, Yezi released her collaboration song “Chase” with Babylon accompanied by a video featuring a live version of the song in jazz style.


The song “Chase” is reflects the feelings of someone who continues to chase after his ex-girlfriend who he cannot forget and the girl who turns him away.

In the beginning both Yezi and Babylon says hello to their fans and briefly introduces the song. Afterwards, the two sit back to back on two benches placed at the center of a circular set where the jazz session is prepared for the live performance.

The groovy jazz session with an overlay of Yezi and Bablyon’s vocals accentuates the smooth R&B sound of “Chase.” Yezi brings out her rap skills in throughout different parts of the song, which makes the music even more dynamic!

Check out the live performance of “Chase” the jazz version featuring Yezi and Babylon. Tell us what you think of their chemistry!

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