Yezi, who was a contestant on Unpretty Rapstar 2 and is the rapper of girl group Fiestar, has released the single from her solo debut called “Cider.” The name of her debut album is “Foresight Dream.”

yezi forsight dream 2

A curious name, Cider” has great production with dramatic beats, and Yezi keeps it all moving along with the flow of her rapping skills.

But, Yezi’s bad girl antiques in the video are a little unconvincing. The sheets of paper she ripped up, the screen she dropped, the painting she felled, all seem too contemplative and slowly done. Her rebellious acts lack urgency, animation, and fury. The exception was when she was being uncooperative in the dressing room with other women. There she must have been channeling, if not a past experience then a tightly held fantasy, because she didn’t show any hesitation.

yezi forsight dream 3

It may be hard for her to put on display that she’s broken the idol mould, but she doesn’t have to try too hard, because vocally with her rapping she has already done so.

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