Today YG Entertainment announced that ‘Black Pink’ is the official name of their upcoming girl group through their blog YG Life. According to YG, the “Black” in front of the “Pink” is meant to represent the uniqueness of the group. Although the color pink is often seen as the prettiest color, being pretty isn’t everything. The name is supposed to suggest that the group has something more special to offer than just their pretty looks.

The group includes a total of four members that were previously revealed through individual image teasers: JennieLisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. The group’s average age is 19, and they have been trainees at the agency for four to six years to order to become the cream of the crop.

The main producer of this team will be Teddy, he also produced many hits for 2NE1 and Big Bang. He will be in charge of creating music for Black Pink for the first two years. Black Pink’s debut album is already complete, and they are in the process of filming their music videos. As previously announced, Black Pearl is set to debut in July.

Although the original plan was to produce a large group of nine members, Yang Hyun Suk made a sudden change of plans two years ago to make it only four. The remaining trainees are still with the agency, and there is a chance that they might debut. According to the YG representative, they are open to the possibility of creating an additional girl group.

Enjoy the image teasers for Black Pearl with all four members below!


What are your thoughts on Black Pink so far?

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