YG Entertainment first announced plans to debut a new girl group in 2012. Since then, there have been occasional glimpses of the possible members among their talented female trainees, in music videos and dance practice videos. Fast forward, four years later, to June of 2016 when the Kpop agency began rolling out the official members one at a time, as well as a group name unveil, Black Pink. After a few weeks of more hesitation, YG Entertainment has now announced the debut date for the group, August 8, 2016.

Black Pink Debut

Black Pink consists of members Jennie Kim, Lisa from Thailand, Jisoo, and Rosé.

Aside from the date release, the poster also suggests the debut will be at 8 PM, “in your area.” It’s difficult to decipher what that could mean at this time. It could however be suggestive of a 24 hour roll-out, in order to cover the globe, at 8 PM. Another possible explanation, is a multi-lingual debut, with multiple music videos of the same song in different languages. Each video roll out occurring at 8 PM local time at the nexus of the languages chosen.

For instance, a Chinese version released at 8 PM Shanghai time, a Korean version at 8 PM Seoul time, and an English version released 8 PM New York time.

Further scrutiny of the teaser image shows 4 pairs of hands making a circle, and doing the “rock on” hand sign. This could be suggestive of a rock infused debut single. Especially, give the black leather outfit, the one member’s body that is visible is wearing. To complete the visual representation, there are pink roses in the background of the image.


What is also obvious from the teaser image, is that each pair of hands have a different nail polish design. One of them is completely plain, one is completely black, one shows a cross, and the last shows a black and white design. Is this indicative of 4 music videos? In four languages? Or four sub-genres?

It will be interesting to see, if any of these inferences apply to Black Pink’s debut. Or, if indeed this will be a non-traditional as well as an innovative debut.

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