After AKMU and Lee Hi, YG Entertainment are bringing us another exciting comeback. And, this time it’s iKon!

Yes, you heard it right! After all, what is the one thing that fans await from their favorite Kpop group? A comeback, which brings new music to inspire them and listen to it over and over again. As well as, attending concerts and showing their support by waving their light sticks.

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ikon taipei

Fans of iKon, called iKonic’s started rejoicing after OSEN released an exclusive report that Ikon is currently in the process of making their new MV. It was first being talk about on social media. And, you know how influential social media can be, once a buzz get’s started. And, from there the Ikon comeback became a hot topic!

A YG Entertainment representative shared to OSEN “iKON is in fact, shooting for their new MV,” that’s for sure. But, the rep didn’t further elaborate to when the expected date of the iKon’s comeback will be. But, he also added “Please wait for some good news, it will be in a little bit.”

ikon taipei 2

Fans of B.I , Jinhwan , Yunhyeong, Bobby, Donghyyuk, Ju-ne and Chanwoo are up for a surprise!

In the mean time, Ikon have announced the details of their next Asia tour date in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on August 13. And, they’ve also released some iKonic moments at their last concert on April 22 in Taipei, held at the Taipei arena with a maximum capacity of 15,000.

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