As promised by YG Entertainment, their newly formed girl group will be revealing their faces, one by one until their upcoming debut this June. This is one of the most highly anticipated revelations in Kpop. Not since 2NE1 in 2009, has YG Entertainment debuted a girl group.

Jennie Kim YG New Girl Group 4

On June 1, YG Entertainment released images of Jennie Kim titled “New Girl Group – Member #1.” She was the first to be part of the official member of YG’s newest Kpop girl group. About 7 photos were revealed on YG’s official page. Jennie showcased her visual appeal in different angles of her photos.

Jennie Kim YG New Girl Group 2

Jennie has undergone massive training by YG Entertainment, and already passed their standards through her previous features. She has previously featured in BigBang’s D-Dragon “That XX,” and also G-Dragon’s performance on “Inkigayo” for his song “Black”. Her rapping ability is impressive, and she already has a large fan base.

YG previously shared two short video clips of Jennie showing her rapping skills. Jennie is also good in speaking Korean, Japanese and English.

Jennie Kim YG New Girl Group 5

YG Entertainment producer Teddy also can’t wait to work with their newest girl group. Teddy is known for his work on 2ne1’s hit songs “Fire”, “ I Don’t Care”, “Lonely” and “Can’t Nobody”.

YG Entertainment will continue to reveal the other members of their newest girl group and addition to their family.

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