YG Entertainment recently shared a teaser image of a typewriter with the question “WHO”S NEXT?”, followed by the reply “VERY SOON”. Fans don’t have to wait too long for another comeback or even a brand new artist from the record label, with YG announcing that the “Who’s Next” artist will be releasing a new song next week on May 30.




Fans have already started guessing which artist will make their comeback or even debut under YG. Some of the solos or groups speculated to be the next are Bobby promoting as a solo artist, 2NE1’s summer comeback without Minzy, Sechs Kies’ long-awaited return to the stage with a new album, or even the new girl group, popularly known as YG’s Girls’ Generation (YG SNSD), that YG have been teasing the public with since 2012.


Fans are really curious about YG’s choice on who will be the next big thing. Jang Hannah, who featured on Jinusean’s song “Tell Me One More Time” last year, is reportedly not going to be a member of YG’s new girl group. Jennie Kim, a former overseas Korean student in New Zealand, was one of the YG trainees who has been rumored to be part of the girl group since YG announced the project back in 2012. She made one of her first public appearances as G-Dragon’s love interest in the music video for “That XX”, released together with G-Dragon’s mini album “One of a Kind”, back in September 2012.





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