YG has released the 2015 Fall/Winter season look book and concept video for their new fashion brand, Nonagon. Joining Bobby and B.I. in the look book is the upcoming girl group member Lisa.

It’s reported that B.I “expressed his affection” for brand, saying, “I wear NONAGON frequently. I think I wear it almost always”. Then, he drew attention by mentioning the background music used for the concept video. He said, “We wrote that music for the concept video, so we made the feel of its lyrics and the mood of the entire song to go well with the name NONAGON”.

And, Bobby explained about the background music with a powerful beat, saying, “I made it feel aggressive like a tiger to be seen as a trademark”. B.I and BOBBY were in charge of rap-making and song-writing, inspired by the brand’s concept and season’s theme.

ikon Bobby Nonagon 4

Nonagon is opening pop-up stores in famous malls in Korea, as well as in select shops in Milan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. In addition, the fashion brand will open pop-up stores in Tokyo and Osaka in September and October, to help accelerate the brand’s expansion into the Japanese market.

Nonagon will soon open stores in Singapore and Taiwan, and is planning to go further beyond Asia and expand into New York. It’s been reported that Nonagon has already agreed to enter the high-end select shop “TRAFFIC LA” based in LA and Dallas.

So, will you be getting the Nonagon look this winter?