The fourth member of YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group was revealed through the agency’s official blog, “YG Life”.

Member Rosé is a young beauty with amazing talent. She turned 19 this year and joined YG Entertainment as a trainee at the age of 14. During the five years she spent training with YG, she was featured in G-Dragon’s mini-album “One of a Kind” back in 2012.

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At the time, she was referred to as ‘Feat. ? of YG New Girl Group’ in the third track, “Without You (In the End)”, off G-Dragon’s mini album. G-Dragon will also reportedly be acting as the official producer of the group, similar to how Teddy Park was the producer of 2NE1 back when the girl group debuted in 2009.

According to YG Entertainment, Rosé is proficient in playing guitar. Many fans are eagerly looking forward to the new girl group’s debut, which is expected in July. So far, the confirmed members are Jennie Kim, Lisa, and Jisoo. It is still a mystery whether or not additional members will be introduced.

Meet Rosé in the rest of her image teasers here:


yg-rose-1 yg-rose-2 yg-rose-3 yg-rose-4 yg-rose-5 yg-rose-6


It seems like “YG-SNSD” will finally debut this year, after YG has teased the public with a new girl group since 2012. Another member will be revealed next week. Stay tuned for more news on YG’s upcoming girl group.


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