MFBTY hip-hop artist Yoon Mirae is coming back soon! This week on September 9, Yoon Mirae’s agency, Feel Ghood Music, announced her new single will be released next week on September 13. Asian-American hip-hop and EDM group Far East Movement helped with the mixing of her upcoming single, titled “Hold Me Baby”.




Feel Ghood Music also shared that Yoon Mirae will be showing a new side to her, and a new style, with her new single. Hold Me Baby” has been called “stylish pop”, and “The Realest” by Feel Ghood Music, when rumors of the new track first spread.




The legendary Konrad Oldmoney produced Yoon Mirae’s “Hold Me Baby”. The renowned producer has worked with many top hip-hop acts over the course of his career, including Redman, EA Sports, Red Bull, and Nike.

Far East Movement, famous for their hit song “Like a G6”, collaborated with Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae and did the mixing for this single, from their respect and admiration of one another.


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