Girls Generation Yoona definitely knows how to wear that pink. The feline kpop star was recently spotted at the the Incheon International Airport on December 6 hiding behind a gorgeous fuchsia-pink overcoat and light pink scarf or neck warmer. And, just before that she was beaming widely at an event in China on December 5, in the most delectable silken and sleeveless rose-pink evening gown.

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Yoona pink 1

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Yoona pink 2

Yoona pink 4

Yoona pink 6

The event in China was the iQIYI All-star Carnival in Beijing. The ladies of f(x) were also in attendance… not quite as excited as Yoona, but looking nice too.

fx at chinese festival

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  1. ManateeJanuary 8, 2012 Lol I barely see a dereiffnce between the pics. And who cares, everyone’s weight fluctuates over the years.And as for her breast size, she does have a great size but she also has help from a push-up bra. She is definitely wearing one in the pics from MAMA 2011. Its amazing how much one of those bras can enhance.But anyways, I think she looks stunning in all the pics.