After a close listen to Younha‘s latest single “Parade“, it’s pretty telling that she doesn’t have a background in Korean-indigenous Kpop. Her falsetto rich vocals that drip like honey, especially at pauses, has an almost unmistakably Japanese-like intonation. And, in combination with the musical arrangement the song seems almost foreign.

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My initial thought was she grew up in America, possibly because the beat in “Parade” features beats influenced by hip-hop, thus giving the ballady song a slight urban bent. But, as it turns out, although Younha is Korean, she was already a successful artist in Japan, before she set her sights on seducing Kpop, back in 2007-08.

And, that’s probably why she’s not quite dancing, to the beat, in the MV.

Either way, it’s certainly a warm and welcomed influence. She’s had mixed success, so far. So, hopefully she keeps at it.

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