Younha’s new single, “Get It”, featuring HA:TFELT (Yeeun) from Wonder Girls and Cheetah, has finally been released. Younha’s new track was released together with the music video yesterday June 13. The trio have been teasing fans with their collab production, since the teaser image was first released last week. They also released animated teasers of each member on Instagram.


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Younha is showing a new side to her with this new single, while playing the bad girl image in the music video with HA:TFELT and Cheetah. “Get It?” has a catchy beat that combines a dance and rock sound. The song talks about a girl’s mood when she gets angry and how no one should want to mess with her.

The music video features Younha in what seems to be a crime scene, with HA:TFELT visibly holding a bottle that looks like it contains poison, and Cheetah wanting to drill the mannequin prop.



The trio send out a message to players who want to mess with a girl’s heart, and how they won’t be fooled even if they beg for mercy. The song takes the anger that results from this and presents it in a humorous way. Cheetah contributes to the song with her rapping skills and HA:TFELT lends her vocals, making the song more interesting.


Watch Younha’s new video for “Get It?” with HA:TFELT (Yeeun) and Cheetah here:

Caution: Use of f-word


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