Fond of borrowing the vocals of other artists including female idols for his projects, producer Jung Key‘s latest vocal muse is Yuju from GFriend, who added the right touch to the emotion filled ballad “First Love“.

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As the name would suggest, a song about a first love must feel like the dew drops at dawn, fresh and ephemeral. The vocals must make the emotions shine through, without being laden with cynicism or over confidence.

And, Yuju’s vocals with graceful eloquence, filled with newness and just a right amount of infantilism, successfully navigates the twists and turns in the song as prepared by Jung Key. She allows us to feel this forever sentiment, anew.

The storyline in the MV is easy to follow, as it presents the excitement and confusion that comes with puppy love, through the eyes of two high school students. What is most remarkable about this story, is the ending. It is hopeful. A few years ago, such endings would have been unthinkable. Instead of tears, Yuju and Jung Key leave us rooting for our heroine and hero, SJ+HJ.

Jung Key who is releasing a new album called Cherish with “First Love” as it’s single, famously worked with American RnB singer Sisqo in 2015. They collaborated on a track called “Without You”. The song also featured Kpop singer Gummy.

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