This is a much restrained Yuk Ji Dam. She also at time comes off sounding like her sunbae from “UnPretty“, Jessi. Her verses are very controlled and steady, in a gentle flow, but firmed up by her strong vocals.

The singer Shannon, also pleasantly fills in the gaps, with a strong soprano that lifts the emotions of the song to higher heights. Which makes the song even more poignant, when Yuk Ji Dam takes over to calm things down.

The track was released as a digital single on July 10, and the song is composed by Duble Sidekick’s EastWest.

“The lyrics are about the moment of breaking up and preparing the words to say to end the relationship. It’s about a girl who wasn’t able to hint at how she felt and is trying to look tough so as to not get hurt by the good memories.” (Akp)

Two weeks ago on June 25, 2015, Yuk Ji Dam released another duet with ‘JuB’. So, she’s defintiely busy in the studio making her mark on the industry. Looking forward to her first EP.