It’s been 2 long years. And, Yunho likely had one instruction to his producers “whatever y’all come up with, I want to dance like ain’t danced in 2 years.” Because, he certainly is dancing to his hearts content in his first single since his military discharge, “Drop.”

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The complexity of the track, is built primarily on a firm EDM foundation, but equally prominent are Yunho’s surprising amount of well-structured rapping, as well as the sometimes easy-to-miss melodic flavors in the multiple bridges.

The vibrant dance break, with its light-induced spams, is almost a surprise, too. It was not expected. Because, by the time Yunho’s really letting loose along with his praetorian legion of dancers, the track is already thoroughly entertaining, you can’t imagine being even more entertained.

Yes, Maximus! I am entertained!

[cr: @a_ba8626]

This could have easily gone wrong, with so many components To fit together seemlessly. But, this is SM Entertainment and TVXQ we are talking about. The combination of these two, with over a decade of cranking out hits and staying relevant is a potent force that doesn’t make garbage.

At over 5 minutes long, 5:33 to be exact, ‘Drop” is worthy of the royal imperium Yunho embodies.

The king of kpop is back, and the royal court is assembled.

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