In cinematic defiance, Wolverhampton native Zeo Zenardo is on a quest for recognition and relevance. In his latest drop “Wolverine 2,” his quest transitions to the desert looking for the oasis of popular success.

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With lyrical shots fired, the grime MC has been done asking nicely. Riding a beat that feels like a steam roller on asphalt, Zeo Zeonardo’s impressive word play both cuts to the chase, as well as cuts down any opposition that dares raise its head.

Up against the wall, Zeo Zeonardo continues to climb to new heights with each new drop. Clearly a man of immense creative energy, his crisp visuals always reinforces and uplifts his already top notch lyrical prowess. It also showcases a man ready to play with the big boys. He’s outgrowing his play pen, and the frustration is not only seeping through, but also vastly differentiating him from his peers.

Who knows may be that whole persistence thing does work. They say it does, tho.

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