Block B leader Zico has been having a good year. With a stint as a judge on Show Me the Money 4 and the producer of a track on Unpretty Rapstar 2, plus numerous solo projects, he’s been everywhere. Just a few weeks ago he released “Say Yes or No” with a beat made popular on the first season of Unpretty Rapstar. Now, he’s kicking off the November comebacks with another solo track “Boys & Girls” due out on the third.

The song seems fun though the video gives me GD&TOP vibes. The song also features singer Babylon.

Regarding the song, Zico had a message for the fans, translated by the wonderful people at @bontheblock

[ZICO] A few things about this album project
I’ve planned for this album since the beginning of this year after releasing Well Done
I started the sketch in February, and I worked on this album for a long time with careful contemplation and really putting myself all into it.

From the beginning to the end of this year with Unpretty, producing Bastarz, Show Me the Money, featurings, and etc, I was at max-capacity with work that require creativity, but even with all that going on, I made this project a priority, and finally the time has now come to show you all the result of that.

If anything, Say yes or no
was just simply a taste of what is to come.
I’m pouring out all the inherent potential that has been gained for 4 years since debut!

Not just music producing,
But visual directing, artwork, music video concept, and even the album physical, anything in the art domain, I directly took part in it!

Right now, I’m very nervous with the release of Part 1 single album right in front of me… I hope you will show a lot of interest !!


November 3rd will be here soon, so look forward to Zico’s track!

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